Monday, 20 April 2015

   ATTENZIONE!  ATTENTION!    Italian Day is coming soon!!

For those new to Mentone Park, Italian Day is a whole day celebration of all things Italian!

   This year it will be on Tuesday 19th of May and all children will have the opportunity to move through three different Italian- inspired activities in multi-age groups. Younger children will be teamed with Buddies or older students. These Rotations will continue until an early lunchtime when children will be able to enjoy a pizza and gelato (or their own lunch).

After lunch, the whole school will be watching a comical viewing of Walt Disney’s ‘Pinocchio.’ There will not be any parade as children will be starting Rotation 1 as soon as the class Attendance Rolls are called.

   Children are encouraged and expected to come dressed for the day. Some costume suggestions are:

Pinocchio, the cricket.  Blue Fairy, Ancient Roman citizens, Roman Gods/Goddesses, Italian personalities, singers, chefs, actors/actresses, Sports Stars, etc.

If families find this difficult, children can wear Italian colours (Green, White & Red).  Our teachers will also be dressed to impress! Please don’t buy expensive costumes, just utilise things you have at home (scarves, necklaces, bangles, foil, cardboard etc).

Children will be required to wear sensible footwear and bring their playlunch on the day.

Our ‘P.F.A’ will be sending out information with regard to Pizza and Gelato orders very soon, so keep an eye out for the form. I would really like to again thank the P.F.A for their ongoing and generous support. Without their help the Pizza Lunch would not be happening. Molte Grazie.

Any queries? I am in the LOTE room Tuesday-Thursday.

A prego,  Signora Beer      



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